Accessories: Versatile. Convenient. Personal.
Shoe Cubes.
A great way to neatly organize your shoes and other loose items. Cube sizes and configurations are fully adjustable.

Sliding Belt Rack and Tie Rack.
Sliding racks keep belts and ties neatly organized and easily accessible.
Valet Rod.
Our retractable Valet Rod conveniently holds hanging outfits and garment bags.
Laundry Hamper.
Store dirty laundry out of sight with the Laundry Hamper. Its large size and tilt-open front makes it easy to use.
Jewelry Tray.
The felt-lined jewelry tray fits into a 5" drawer. Add an optional drawer lock to keep your valuables secure.
Layered Acrylic Jewelry Trays.
Ironing Board.
Perfect for those quick touch-ups - then easily folds away..
Corner Shelves.
Take advantage of unused space and maximize your storage with Corner Shelves.
Enhance your drawer storage with our furniture style 20" deep Hutch.

Two types of Sliding Baskets.
Choose from a sturdy conventional style or select white or chrome in a contemporary style.
Angled Shoe Shelves.